Mobiles of the Future – Not the Average Communication Tool

By | May 21, 2023

If 2009 served as a mother load for cell phone users due to the abundance of handsets released in the market, wait until the next year comes. These tiny gadgets keep on progressing technologically as more and more features and functions get loaded to these mobiles, not to mention the constantly changing trend in terms of their look, style, and functionality. As the competition in the mobile industry continuously becomes tougher, slashing the prices of these commodities has also risen. No wonder a lot of network providers like Vodafane, o2, 3, and others create profit by offering high end devices of leading marketers (Nokia, Ericsson, HTC, Sony, etc.) through rewarding deals – these offer plans and charming perks that definitely edge other competitors. In effect, consumers have a lot of lucrative options to choose from.

Feature, function, and face (that is the appearance of the gadget) are the three factors that cell phone users are regarding. Apparently, people will be looking for a device that is more than just a tool for communication. Aside from a mobile, a computer is another necessity nowadays. A Finnish company introduced a brilliant handset just recently, the N900. With a function that stemmed from Linux software and an operation grounded on the Maemo 5, this phone allows its user to multi task and carry out multiply internet and desktop functions all in one go. The features make it feel like you are with your computer any time, anywhere.

Another handset to watch out for is the Sony Ericsson Satio. If N900 is a high end computer and mobile in one, this is a digital camera in a handset. The 12 megapixel feature of its camera is one of its amazing qualities. It has imaging capabilities like the xenon and the video flashes, autofocus, smile and face detection, and Geo-tagging make this phone as good as high quality digital cameras. Aside from that function, it keeps its communication tool capabilities at a high level, allowing text and multimedia messaging, voice and video call, instant and email messaging. Not to mention that this also allows you to listen to music in different formats in stereo quality. This is definitely not your average cell phone.